Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, oh Sunday.

My blogging has been very slack recently as I have had a lot of trouble trying to do it on my IPad. Hopefully Blogpress will enable me to blog more frequently with photos to boot.
It is a beautiful Winter's day here in Collie. We start with very cold mornings and then the sun arrives to make everything shine. Our new patio was christened yesterday for afternoon tea. We purchased a mat, gas heater and some large feature pots on Friday. I now think we have to get a second mat as well as an outdoor lounge and coffee table. A new barbie is in the plans too as our old one would look very out of place. The mesh blinds work beautifully, allowing us to see out and the neighbours to see nothing. The next decision is to choose suitable hardy plants to put in the large pots. I am not sure how much sunlight they will receive.

Yesterday we were very surprised to see this right overhead. My DH was able to photograph the plane as it rocketed over head. It took this photo with the IPad, so the focus is limited. My friend who is visiting for the weekend was able to tell my that it was a Boeing 777 flying overhead. We rarely see large planes here as we are a bit off the usual flight path. Consequently I have a new app on my I pad ready for the next time I need to identify a UFO.

I have done a lot of online shopping recently. This IPhone cover now graces my phone. A new printer that will print large photos now has a place on my desk. The mail man will bring me some new books for school as well as a bunch of IPad styluses that attach themselves to the Ipad. I keep losing them. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
I think it is time to stop procrastinating and get back to marking and reports. What a shame I have to spoil such a beautiful day with such mundane work. LOL.


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