Friday, January 3, 2014

Bad, bad blogger.

I have not blogged since the holidays last year, but I needed to be able to post any art works I make as part of Jump Start 2014. The first video used a Gelli pad. I have been wanting one ever since they came on the arts scene. As I needed one today , I searched on Pinterest and found a recipe for one that should last a while. If it works I will make a set for school. I think my students would have a lot of fun with it.

I managed a few prints using some found items and a stencil.

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  1. Hi Marion! I got here from the CJS14 class! I'm very impressed! I have heard that a homemade gelliprint could be made but never knew anyone who has done it. I have looked at them longingly but just couldn't justify the cost at this point. Perhaps, I just need to "get off my wallet" so to speak. Anyway, just wanted to leave a comment and say hello. I'm number 91 on the Show and tell list! Cheers to you for lots of creative fun in 2014!