Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chookscraps CC

I can now safely say that I have finished moving in to my new art room. It is a lovely space with beautiful natural light. I still have a few boxes of books I need to sort through.
My DD came to visit this weekend so that she could use the macro lens and a camera to take photos of her jewellery collection. She is working on a new collection of pieces ready for the "Unwrapped" market next month. I did like one piece she showed me, but I was not able to snaffle it .
Yesterday I went to scrap with a group of friends at Chookscraps. It is cybercrop weekend and I managed to finish all the challenges before heading home early at 11.30pm. Here are a few pieces.

I seem to have used this gorgeous shade of green on all my layouts for this month's CC.

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