Sunday, April 10, 2011

And so has March.

I can't believe that it is April already and that I have not blogged for a whole month.
There is just over a week to go at school until school holidays. Everyone is tired and coming down with sickness. I just hope it bypasses this little family.
It has been very quiet here as DD is overseas in San Francisco at the moment and DS is up north doing night shift at an iron ore mine. He will be home in a few days for a week of R and R.
On Friday I had the crown fitted on my front tooth that has given me so much grief and expense over the years. Next step are some fillings to replace the old metal ones.
The weather has finally started to cool down and I have started knitting. I bought some very pricey yarn from a little shop in Bunbury to knit a scarf with a wavy edge. I have done about 30 cms.
Isn't the colour gorgeous.
I have also been doing a little bit of scrapping. The first round of  a new competition at Chookscraps closed last night and voting has commenced. It is called The Amazing Chook Race. Here is my entry for the first round. We were limited to a very snmall number of ingredients as we had to pack light for our trip. Here is link to all the layouts.

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