Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter holidays

After a very long term of 11weeks and two days we are on holidays. Some nameless bureaucrat decided that we need to start holidays with Easter. This year it is rather late so a 12 week term was decreed. Then came NAPLAN testing due to start the day we get back from hols. So now we go back on a Thursday to give the students 2 days to settle back in before the big test. I will be pleased when we can teach something other than NAPLAN. But first we have our first term holidays to refresh the body and spirit.
I spent the first day scrapping at the shop as I had not had the opportunity or the motivation to do the second challenge in the Great Chook Race. We are off to New Zealand and the elements to be used were balck background, a bird  and some doodling to echoe the maori designs that abound. As I had snaffled the camera cards from DD on Sunday I had a heap of new photos of her holiday in the US.
I usually scan my layouts but as the flowers are quite high I decided to photograph it instead hence the easel at the bottom.
I also managed to make a card for the Chookscraps CC which closes today. I have been experimenting with easel cards so this is the result.
Today is Good Friday and I have had my hot cross buns for breakfast. Later on I am going to make some fish cakes by Donna Hay. DH has gone to work so I plan to tackle my craft room so that I can get some quilting done later on in the holidays. Happy Easter.

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