Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Retreat madness

I don't know what happened to the last two weeks. It's the last day in February already. Tomorrow we pack for retreat. I am off to Evedon Park with a group of online friends for four day of scrapbooking. I have organized photos and some silhouette cuts. I hope I can stay focused on my diet as the food is always great. I will also need to do a few laps around the lake to reduce the calorie intake. My costume is nearly finished, so that is another job done. Tomorrow i have a day in PrePrimary before I can start the packing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend wares

No tissues were needed for our trip to the cinema last night. It was sad, but didn't move me to tears.
Todays I have done a lot of blog surfing and a little play with candle and fabric.
Here are some of the results.

DH let the sheep out for a bit of green grass from our back yard while he chatted on the phone to New Zealand.

These chillies were a present from a friend. I'm not sure what to do with them. I do love the colour.

Now to organize some lessons for tomorrow.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February is off to a flying start

School is back with new staff and new students to get to know. Even though I miss those who left for greener pastures, it is great to have new graduate teachers full of energy and ideas. My teaching load is much the same with junior science, visual arts, computing and a day in PrePrimary. Fridays are my recovery days. I often feel the need to sleep after school. I'm not sure if it is my Dukan diet regime or just old age catching up. I have lost 9kg so am well on my way to a healthier and thinner me.

Last weekend I made Christmas cards using the challenge set by Chookscraps and also scrapped a new monthly pack from Chookscraps.
The last weekend of the holidays we went to Perth to watch John Cleese and spent some time at the beach and Fremantle before heading home. It was a lovely way to round off the holidays.
Tonight we are off to see the Descendants with George Clooney. I have been told to take my tissues with me.