Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chookscraps CC

I can now safely say that I have finished moving in to my new art room. It is a lovely space with beautiful natural light. I still have a few boxes of books I need to sort through.
My DD came to visit this weekend so that she could use the macro lens and a camera to take photos of her jewellery collection. She is working on a new collection of pieces ready for the "Unwrapped" market next month. I did like one piece she showed me, but I was not able to snaffle it .
Yesterday I went to scrap with a group of friends at Chookscraps. It is cybercrop weekend and I managed to finish all the challenges before heading home early at 11.30pm. Here are a few pieces.

I seem to have used this gorgeous shade of green on all my layouts for this month's CC.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend at last.

The school week has flown by and I am more than ready for my first 3 day weekend. On Friday I went to my applique class in Donnybrook and after lunch I went for my next visit to the dentist. That went well and I headed to Bunbury to buy some elastic and a few odds and ends from Spotlight.In the evening when the needle had worn off my teeth were starting to complain. It seems that the after effects of root canal treatment are worse than the actual treatment. I am one step closer to having a better smile.
I discovered that the furniture arrived for my art room while I was out of town. Most of it was in place, so DH and DS helped me move the rest into position. Now I just have to sort through the pile and put things onto my nice new shelves. That can wait until Monday as I am baking biscuits today and scrapping tomorrow.
Kayaking on the Swan river.

Bubbles in a funnel. Photo taken by DH with my macro lens.

Two ducks swimming in the settlement ponds near the swan river.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First week back at school

Today the students arrived back from their holidays. It was lovely seeing the new Year 1's settle in to their classroom with great big smiles on their faces. I also had the chance to help with the new Kindy students who all waved goodbye with out any tears. Our transition programme is certainly working well.
I wish I could report that the furniture truck has finally found it's way to our school and depositted stools, tables and shelves in our rooms. No, we are managing with old furniture until it arrives in a day or two, or three.
On my last weekend of the hols I went to Perth with my DH and spent some time with my DD. Here are a few snaps taken with my new I-phone.

Morning tea at Coode Street Cafe.
Early morning rowers on the Swan River.