Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday 1st of July 2012

Today we started with a very frosty walk along the river that dominates Whanginui.

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After defrosting the car we headed off for breakfast at Maccas and then refueled for the trip to the snowfields. The road was winding in parts and the frost continued.

As we got closer to the mountain range we stopped several times to take photos.

We arrived at the Chateau and then headed up "The Bruce". As the ski field had only just opened and the school holidays were starting there were lots of people and children enjoying the snow.

We got out of the car very carefully as we had parked on a large patch of ice. My shoes were not up to the task required. Chris changed into his boots. We walked up to about parking level 6 and then caught the free shuttle bus for a ride to the ski field. We had lunch and then the boys went up the chairlift to see what it was like further up the mountain. I sat in the sun waiting. After a while the cold started to seep into my bones. It seemed to be an age before they got back.

We then set off down the mountain and headed back to Ohakune where we found a bed for the night.

We had a lovely meal at a local restuarant and then headed back our motel. The forcast is for another freezing night.


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