Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday 4th July 2012

Our last day in New Zealand was still grey and drizzly. We packed the car and set off to the airport, stopping on the way for petrol and breakfast. We parked the car and faced the barage of processes that going on a plane brings. Our bags were too heavy so we rearranged a few books and our toilet bags into a small bag and paid for the extra baggage. We got through customs without incident and then found a comfy seat to wait for the boarding gate to be posted. We used our last coins to buy a magazine or two and a coffee.
We were pleasantly surprized to find that we had a spare seat next to us,so we were able to spread out a little. I watched Downton Abbey as we had missed quite a few episodes and I had the chance to catch up. The flight went quickly enough and we got through the formalities easily. We caught a bus into the city and then got a taxi to the hotel. We are staying opposite Albert Park at the Segal and Citigate.

We are on the 8th floor. I had my first tram ride into the city centre this evening and we had pizza for tea. We walked around for a while and then caught the tram back to the hotel, in time to watch the tour de France on telly.

The city is busy even though it is Wednesday night. We could have watched the rugby match on a huge screen in Federation Square, but it was too cold.


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