Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday 9th July 2012

After a breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, we caught the tram that went past the zoo. The weather was still dry, but it was overcast and grey. As it is still school holidays, there were a lot of families with children in tow. Early in the day a lot of the animals were keeping warm in their burrows or sleeping areas. The cages had wire fronts so it was difficult to take photos. Luckily other areas of the zoo had more modern enclosures with clear perspex windows. We did not get to see the butterfly house as it was undergoing renovations.

Water hens roam around the zoo.

Meer cats.

We headed home by train and tram, uploading some more money onto my Myki card to pay for the trips. We had a lovely meal at the restuarant and then I headed up to repack our bags, while Kevin went out to take photos.


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