Thursday, June 21, 2012

21st June 2012

Another quiet day as the boys are in Auckland at the shake down for the New Zealand Rally. My DH likes to play tricks on his friends and family. Yesterday, his friends played a prank on him. His friends Sam and Tim were going to Darwin for the V8's, and were not coming to NZ for the Rally. Or so they said. Yesterday afternoon, they arrived and gave him a huge surprize. One more down to the friends. Now I wonder what Troy and Carrie are up to. Probably babysitting!!
This afternoon I went shopping with MIL and came home with some warm socks for my ugg boots, as well as two tops and a baby toy.
I had a phone call from DD to say that the hotwater system had burst and she had called the plumber. Now we have a new hotwater system in the unit. The bank account is a lot smaller.

Oball original by Rhino Toys.


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  1. LOL, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the friends arrived - what a great idea :)

    It must be cold if you need socks and uggies.

    Shame about the hot water system!