Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday free for all

What a day it has been and it's not over yet. It started out with a sleep in and then after breakfast I printed out some photos and cut a few hexagons with my silhouette. It was time to pack the car for today's crop but the rain was teaming down. I backed the car right under the eaves of the shed and then put everthing in the boot. When I got to the shop there was a creek running down the road which I had to hop over to get to the footpath. Once we were safely inside we got onto the business at hand-scrapping LO's for the Chookscraps competition based on the block. I braved the rain and the trucks on the road to go over to Maccas for lunch. About 3pm the lights started flickering and the mobile sign took off down the footpath. I rescued it before it hit my car. The wind and the rain got louder and at about 3 .30pm the power went out. After glueing all my pieces down, I packed up and loaded everything back into the car. Driving home was OK to start with , but then the roads were covered in ripped off branches. I even had to drive off the road to go around a fallen tree before I reached home. My route was relatively uneventful. There were fallen power lines and trees down on several other streets nearby. I just hope that there are no homes damaged in the storm.
I have been using my Iphone tethered to my Ipad as every thing else needs electricity. I wonder how long we will have to wait for the power to come back on. DH has just lit some candles, but I think it still be a while yet as there is no sign of Western Power. I might just have to find my knitting.


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