Saturday, June 23, 2012

23rd June 2012

It is a grey day today. The sky is overcast and there is hardly a breath of wind. I went for a walk through the area behind the house that had been logged and cleared. The only sign of life was a big fat bumblebee that was feeding on the thistle flowers.

I then found my way along the reserve and down through a gully. This was easier walking and had a collection of interesting plants.
Several trees still held onto their beautiful autumn colour as they were protected from the wind.

I even found some wattle just coming into bloom. It made me feel as if I was in Australia. There were a few eucalypts as well.
On my return to the house, Olive invited me to go with her next door to visit her neighbour. Kathy is a teacher, who works with kids not making progress in a one on one programme. Sadly the programme finishes at the end of the year and she will need to find a new position.
After lunch I spent some time trying to draw blackbirds. They are rather a pesky bird but they have a lovely fat shape. This time I used the Art pack on my Ipad to create my drawing.

Olive and I decided to go down town to get some meat for tea, but the car would not start. It was as dead as a dodo. Luckily we could ring the AA to come and have a look. Hope fully they will not be too long.
The car is now running. I think we must have left a door open which will drain the battery over two days.
I wonder what the rally boys are up to. I hope they ring tonight to give me an update. At least the weather has been on their side.


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