Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The day after the Storm

The winter storms that have ravished the South West of WA have really put a dampener on our holiday plans. It started on Sunday afternoon and we were blacked out until late evening. On Monday you could see the number of trees that been felled or branches that had been ripped off. A lot of homes were still without power. Local schools decided to close early on Tuesday and some were closed all day due to lack of water or storm damage. I do not remember ever having school closed, except for the day after Cyclone Alby went through many years ago. I think it is funny as I am on long service leave for four weeks, so my relief is the one coping with all this uncertainty.

Last night we experienced another bout of wild weather, but managed to watch telly while others nearby had blackouts. We started worrying about our little flock of sheep, but it was rather too late to consider building a shed for them when it was already dark. This morning they were happily grazing in the back paddock. The bark was the result of Sunday's storm.
Today I have a few more jobs to do so that I can pack tomorrow, so I had better finish this off.
I think this piece of sculpture is stunning. I wonder if I could do something similar in paper and cardboard.

Location:Colie WA

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