Monday, June 4, 2012

WA Day

Happy WA Day to all those West Aussies enjoying a day off. Someone decided that we needed to change the name. I never had a problem with Foundation Day. At school we would celebrate for the whole week, but now we are too busy. Most teachers are working on their reports or procrastinating about their reports. I have managed to complete some of my classes, but still have a few to do during the week. As I am still trying to shake off a cold, I am not that energetic. We had two visitors this weekend, so I have cooked most nights.

This was a slow cooked shoulder of lamb, which we ate on Saturday.
We had pumpkin soup for lunch today. I think tonight will be left overs.

This was the view from the back door this morning. The leaves are just starting to fall off the apricot tree and the sheep were wondering if there was any bread for breakfast.

This is my latest entry into the Chookscraps competition "the Pen". There are more photos under the main photo and the list is there as well.


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