Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday 16 th June 2012

After a very restful sleep in a bed, we got up at 6 am, dressed and then headed North to the field day near Hamilton. Over night there had been a strong frost and the car was covered as was the rest of the country. The scenery was stunning with bare trees in a nearly white environment. Gradually as the sun warmed up the frost started to lift. It took 2 hours to get to the Mystery Creek Field day. The parking was well organized and we made a point to remember where we had left the car. Keeping six people together was quite difficult.

The first event we watched was a tractor pull. Here are some
other images from the event.

We had a great time and arrived home about 6pm. Just enough time to change and get ready for tea. We all went to a local restuarant called "The Bay". I had garlic prawns and a pork tenderloin. Yummy! We also managed to watch the rugby international match on TV. new Zealand narrowly beat Ireland. It is well under zero tonight, so time to get under the covers.

Location:Taupo New Zealand

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