Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27th June 2012

We packed our bags and eventually left Taupo with hugs and wellwishes. Our first stop was the lookout as it was a beautiful cold morning and there was snow on the mountain range.

We then made a visit to the huka falls which was very fast as usual.

Next stop was Tokaroa for morning coffee and muffins. Then on to Putaruru where we turned off for Tauranga. We were nearly there when we were diverted by a road works. We had to take a very long detour. Finally we arrived at Simon and Rachael's home. Moses was very pleased to see us. After a tour of the house and garden we all set off for the Mount where we had lunch and a photo shoot. Side Track Cafe had great food and it was right on the beach front.

Our route over the Kiamias gives a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.

As we arrived at Waihi Beach we saw this double rainbow.

Waihi Beach after the rain had stopped.

I love the shapes made by the trees in winter.
We eventually arrived at our hotel in the Domain. We walked down to get tea and then walked back. My knees are complaining, but I did not need to resort to a taxi. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Location:Tauranga, Auckland

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  1. Great photos Marion - I especially like the last two. It sounds like you're still having fun :D