Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday 15 th June 2012

Today was a very long day. We let Perth at about 1am and arrived in Sydney for breakfast, except we didn't get any. By the time we transferred to the International terminal and found our gate, it was nearly time to board our flight to Aukland. After another three hours, we were landing. We got through customs without issue, picked up our hire car, sorted out a new sim for my phone and then headed off South. We missed the motorway turn off, so after a quick detour we were off.
Luckily Kevin knows the way home. We avoided Hamilton, planning a stop at Cambridge for a coffee break. We got caught up in the traffic build up from the Mystery Creek Field Day. Eventually it thinned out and we changed drivers. Garrett was keen to drive, so he took over. I continued to catch up on my lost sleep in the back seat. We arrived at MIL's house at 8pm and sat down to fish and chips and NZ hotdogs- battered red sausages on a stick. BIL Simon arrived from the Mount and finished off the leftovers. After lots of catchup, it was time for bed. It was 11pm (7pm WST).

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Location:Taupo New Zealand.

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