Tuesday, June 26, 2012

25th June 2012

Monday is traditionally washing day and today was no different. There was some wind today which made it bitterly cold but at least it dried the clothes in between rain showers. Several times during the day Olive and I made the mad dash outside to rescue the clothes as the rain came down.
Kevin and Chris were due back from the rally in Auckland in the afternoon. I messaged them several times and they eventally arrived after doing a spot of Tiki Touring. After a short break we went down town to buy some food for tea at brother Petes house. We also bought a portable drive for Kevin's computer as he had run out of memory and couldn't download the last of his rally photos.
The evening at Peters was lovely. We met some of his new friends and caught up with some we had met on previous visits. Even though it was cold we stayed reasonably warm with a patio heater and a workshop heater. Mind you, I did not take off my coat. As it was work the next day for most, they left early and then we had a coffee inside before heading home to bed.

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  1. It sounds freezing Marion! It's quite cold and windy here today too if that's any consolation :)